Need to cool, heat or remove dampness from a space?

Ductless air conditioning systems may be your answer.

More convenient and often more effective than a window air conditioning unit and less expensive than central air conditioning, ductless air conditioning is a great choice when you have a smaller space to cool and you don’t want a loud obnoxious window unit.

Ductless air conditioning usually only requires a small hole for the conduit, which contains the power and communication lines, and the condensation drain line. That keeps your home safe – the roughly three-inch hole is too small for crooks to exploit whereas a window unit could be removed to allow access.

Whether you have a room that can’t be connected to the existing ductwork or a room that gets a little too hot (or too cold), a ductless a/c unit can be the perfect solution!

Make any room comfortable without expensive installation or room modifications. You may be asking yourself, is Ductless Air Conditioning worth it for me? Check out some of the benefits below.


  1. Separate Zones– Ductless air conditioning is ideal if you only want to cool certain areas of your home.
  2. Energy Efficient– Ductless air units help you save money in two ways. Only cooling the parts of your home you’re actually using can lead to substantial savings. Even better, you don’t lose up to 30% of your cooling dollars in the ductwork required for central air conditioning.
  3. Flexible installation– Hang these units over a window, door, design the room around them or hang them from the ceiling.
  4. Quiet– Overall, ductless air conditioning is quieter than central air condensers and much quieter than window unit air conditioners.
  5. Remote Operated– Easy and convenient, most of our remote-control units come with a sensor so you can monitor room temperature.


Ductless air conditioning can be installed in various combinations. A small condenser is installed outside and can support multiple air handlers. Air handlers are usually mounted on outside walls in your home and can also be mounted flush from the ceiling with Fujitsu ceiling cassettes.

NAPCO HEATING & COOLING begins by measuring the heat loss in your home. We then quickly provide you with an estimate and installation is usually completed in 1 day.

*Any services not covered under our RESTRICTED PLUMBERS LICENSE, will be performed by a Licensed and Insured Subcontractor

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